About this website

This website has been developed to show the capabilities of CrawlForMe Broken Links Checker on a broken website.

You will find useful information about crawling, http status codes and robots.txt. But this website contains also broken links and missing resources (picture, js or css). These resources generate various kind of errors in the demo report.

Surf on this website and discover the interactive demo report.

Why CrawlForMe ?

CrawlForMe is a powerful online broken links checker developed to help webmaster to track their broken links and improve the user experience of their site.

Some great features of CrawlForMe:

  • Reachable from everywhere and on every computer
  • Easy to use in default configuration but highly configurable for advanced users
  • Generate interactive reports with all the error, successful, ignored and redirected links with useful information and relations
  • Easy to correct the errors by using the CrawlForMe Source Code Inspector
  • Contains very flexible scheduling options with frequencies choice

Go to CrawlForMe to start the analysis of your site (1000 free links per month), discover all our services and say goodbye to your broken links.

Why using a broken links checker ?

There are many reasons to remove broken links in your website. SEO, ranking , usability, user happiness, improving conversion.

More information about the reasons to remove broken links in the following blog post:

  • "Google hates dead links"
  • "Dead Links are not user-friendly"
  • "Dead Links affects your website's conversion rate"
  • "Dead Links stop Search Engine Crawlers"


  • "Broken links make your site look untended."
  • "Removing broken links keeps your readers happy."
  • "Valid links help search engine spiders navigate your site."
  • "SEO is improved when pages are updated - and correcting links is updating."
  • "Google recommends you check for broken links."


  • Broken links to a obsolete blog post...